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Candidate Interview Experience is one of the key steps to effective recruiting and recruitment. A positive interview experience will bring more value to the reputation of the organization while a negative point of view will have an effect on the company from finding the best candidates for potential opportunities.

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SFDC - Talent Pool Landscape Analysis

The Salesforce skills are currently the most active and sought-after skill set across certain industries and will continue to be in high demand.

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Recruise India Consulting established in 2006, focusses in the field of Staffing and Market Intelligence. Our team are specialists in offering superlative recruitment and staffing solutions across industries to over 100 clients, globally.

Connect with us for market insights, recruitment services and professionals who wish to grow your career.

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Our Vision

Enabling clients to become high performance businesses and to create long-term relationships by being responsive and constantly delivering value.

Our Ideology

We believe in creating scalable and competitive solutions to all our clients with Ownership & Reliability through innovative solutions and excellence in delivery

Our Goal

To provide services with the highest quality and to be the most preferred human resource consulting firm

Our Services

We have the experience of working across multiple industries and functional areas enabling us to bring in fresh ideas and a strategic perspective to every engagement.

We also help clients with Competitive analysis, Talent pool analysis, Attrition analysis and Compensation Benchmarking.

The qualitative as well as quantitative data of Recruise helps in meeting the intended objectives of the organizations.

Our insights are backed up by a rigorous process of analysis and solution development. This ensures that our recommendations are well researched, practical and tailored to an organization's requirements.

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    Bridging the HR Gap 2020: Talent Strategy

    Sachith, Managing Director and CEO of Recruise India with more than a decade experience shares his expert opinion on the current HR market and how we can bridge the gap on the talent strategy.

  • Insights
    Decoding the HR chat

    What does “Position on hold” really mean? Recruiters help organizations find top talent, but sometimes when they converse with candidates, they aren't always clear. There's nothing worse than getting up your expectations and seeing those illusions shattered when it turns out you've read the signals completely wrong. It’s a tough line to draw for the recruiters and employers.

  • Recruise study
    Labour Market Report: Data science

    Recruise Consulting has arrived with its latest newsletter publication that will provide valuable insights on a regular basis for all key stakeholders in the recruiting space. This report seeks to bridge the asymmetric information that inherently exists between job seekers and recruiters.

What our clients say


An HR Consultancy firm that values aspirants’ ambition and goals. I worked with Shruthi from Recruise - throughout the process she helped manage both stakeholders (my and interested firm) goals and flexibility. Once I landed up with an offer, she connected me with previously placed folks in the interested firm so that I clarify my questions informally. Amazing job Shruthi and Recruise 👍

Rishav Krishna Via Google

I had a wonderful experience with Recruise India Consulting. The Recruise team reached out to me with a job opportunity with a management consulting firm and were highly responsive throughout the recruitment process. A special thanks to Susmita who was my point of contact from Recruise. She was proactive and quick to respond to all my queries and clarifications related to the process.

Arjun Surendran Via Google

Renuka & Tina Coordinated with me in my whole process of interview in a well professional manner. They provided me quick updates from the client and quick enough to arrange levels of interviews taking down time suitable on either sides. It’s a great experience with Recruise India consulting. Thanks for the entire team.

Teja Yannam Via Google

I am very positive about entire recruitment process organized by Recruise team. I would like to appreciate Bhagavathy for providing all support to me through the recruitment cycle, she is very professional and made the entire process easy for me. Their way of follow-up and update the status is simply superb. I really thankful to entire Recruise consultancy team.

Chandan R M Via Google

I had a great experience with Recruise India Consulting. The Recruise team reached out to me with a job opportunity with a valuable consulting firm and were collaborative throughout the interview process. A special thanks to Kalai Selvi who was my point of contact from Recruise. She was responsive and clarified all my doubts. She was cognizant of my expectations and helped in bridging the negotiation gaps. Good work team. Keep it up!

Abhishek Shrivastava Via Google

I had very good experience with Recruise India Consulting. Received a call from Suruchi who is an employee from Recruise regarding job opportunity. They are extremely professional, proactive and I liked the way they coordinated with me. A big thanks to Suruchi, she clarified all my queries and giving weekly updates till receiving the offer letter. Keep it up team.

Sivakrishna Yarra Via Google

I worked mostly with Rakshitha and Kalaiselvi. Both are very professional and genuinely helpful. I had couple of conversations with the MD, Sachith Rai, and it became clear to me that Recruise India is really driving a positive change when it comes to managing talent. I appreciate their time and energy gone into helping me move my career forward.

Anand Parikh Via Google

I had a wonderful experience with Recruise India Consulting. It all started few months back when i received a call from Prasanna who's is as per my opinion one of the best recruiting consultant i came across so far. It makes me wonder how huge impact you guys at Recruise must have made in others life just by being what everyone has to be simply "professional". Shout out to team Recruise for helping me get what i deserve and to help me grow. Keep up your work. Thanks.

Saksham Pathak Via Google

I had a wonderful experience with Recruise India Consulting. Special thanks to Susmita for providing updates on each step during recruitment process and liaisoning so well!

Rishi Pathak Via Google

I’m very positive about entire recruitment process organised by Recruise team. I would like to appreciate Rasika for providing all clarity and support to me through the recruitment cycle, she was very professional and made the entire process easy for me, I happy after getting offer. Keep us good work!!

Asheesh Dubey Via Google

My experience with Recruise has been very pleasant. It was a pleasure working with the team through the recruitment cycle. I would like to appreciate Kalai for facilitating the entire process seamlessly and keeping me posted with the slightest updates. She was extremely professional and made the entire process as easy as it could be. I am glad to have interacted with her in my professional career. Wish her and the entire team of Recruise good luck! Keep up the good work!

Aarushi Tandon Via Google

Recruise Consulting comprises a team of thorough professionals. It was a pleasure working with them through the complete recruitment cycle. The team ensured seamless and transparent communication at every step, enabling all the stakeholders plan their course of action and move forward swiftly and productively. Among all the staffing consultants I have got a chance to work with, Recruise tops the chart as most effective and efficient team.

Anand Joshi Via Google

HR advisor is very professional and supportive. The end to end coordination process with the recruiter is clear, detailed, timely and up to date. My overall impression and experience is above expectation and the job offer is much more satisfactory.A special thanks to Sapna for her overall coordination in this recruitment process.!!!!

Phani Y Via - Google

Had a smooth & pleasant experience with Recruise India Consulting, particularly Priyanka. She was professional, supportive, prompt to respond/follow up and accessible throughout the process. What I liked most about my experience was the clear and timely communication of what was happening in the process. Highly recommend their services!

Nirupama Sivaraman Via - Google
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