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IT Influence on HR Industry

We are living in the digital age, it is absolutely not necessary to explain the IT influence in everything that’s happening around us as it is well felt and seen. The application of IT virtually has no bounds.

This article focuses on the impact of IT in HR/Recruitment. We are going to be talking about the different software that come into play into the HR fragment of business.

Where do the Software come in????

Right from the time you log in at the security gate & the time you punch your access card, the software plays its part, after all, it’s an automated world. Let’s see the places where these software are used from a Human resource perspective

HR business based software

There are particular set of software to be used based on whether you are a staffing firm or if you are a company, each has its own distinct advantages, design parameters & functionalities

Why software???

IT has made our lives very simple, easy & quick. Let’s for an instance take “applying for a job” as an example so previously (read dinosaur age) one had to buy an application form from the company, fill it up manually (not to mention the overwriting, mistakes & oh yeah bad handwritings). Post this candidate has to pay for the postage & post it the whole process would take about a 10 days’ time.

This process has been cut down by number of days to minutes. We see a job description we click the apply button and there you are! The HR views your profile, interviews are scheduled then taken forward. All this is possible only because of the IT influence.

Some good names in the HR software market

Below are some good software’s which are currently used in HR depts. across various companies

Top HR Software Top Recruting
Sage HRMS PC Recruiter
iCIMS Talent Platforms Bullhorn ATS and CRM
HRM Direct iCIMS Talent Platform
The Resumator Hiring Thing
Voyager Performance Management Ascentis
Kronos Workforce Ready COMPAS for Staffing
Success Factors Bamboo HR
Epicor HCM Kronos Workforce Central
TribeHR Jobvite
Jobvite The applicant Manager

Cost Involved

The cost of buying these software depends on the company from which we are buying the software, utilities that come with the tool and the service requirements.

Timeline for implementation

  1. The size of the company
  2. Internal permissions
  3. Available infrastructure
  4. Software Vendor
  5. Availability of resources for training

A typical implementation takes a few weeks to a month depending on the existing infrastructure and conditions and the size of the firm

Pros & Cons of automating the HR Dept

Pros weigh heavily than the cons. We say that because of the reasons below

The process becomes faster when there is an IT influence

  1. Easy to track progresses as & when necessary
  2. Databases can be easily made accessible
  3. The process becomes centralized and easily accessible to multiple users across geographies
  4. A standard process is followed as it is pre-defined
  5. We can link the data across multiple platforms

eg: applicant tracking software can be used by finance dept for incentive pay-outs.


  1. Intermediate IT hardware is required and the costs rise, although this may not be a concern for bigger firms, smaller firms feel the pinch
  2. A lot of time and money is spent on training the resources on the tools
  3. The usability or the UI of some software are not very user-friendly
  4. The software require frequent updates and maintenance

IT has definitely changed the way we work

We have been using a software called Skillpoint which is a recruitment software with multiple functionalities. We manage multiple requirements, CVs, Create reports based on the need. Track individual performances, team performances, requirement status. It is needless to say , we have benefitted well with the induction of this software into our workflow.

“Automating the HR dept is definitely an “in” thing as per recent trends and this is progressing towards newer technologies & platforms like mobile tech and cloud. “

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