We are a zesty and dynamic young bunch.

We are a leading professional services company based in Bangalore, Offering superlative recruitment and staffing solutions across industries to over 100 clients, globally.

At Recruise, we take a distinctive approach towards each service we cater to stay abreast with the burgeoning staffing industry. We do this by acclimatising with the latest technologies and integrating with accomplished and talented associates. For more than a decade we have embraced the evolving challenges of the staffing industry with unparalleled and sustained solutions for multiple industries in different regions around the globe.

Today, the staffing industry has become driven by demand and organizations need to review and rethink their strategies in all stages of an employee's life cycle. We leverage our exceptional research and integrate solutions to drive retention, engagement, and performance that complement your organizational requirements. Our solutions have attained the highest level of excellence for our clients in their talent strategies. We believe in having an enduring relationship with individuals and organizations for which we have cultivated a customer centric approach in our business model.

We believe in honouring our commitments and serving each client with an unwavering high quality experience.

Compensation Benchmarking

We work with you in providing strategic inputs and directions which can elevate performance and help you gauge compensation structures across regions and industries. We are well equipped to address your unique needs and are capable of providing comprehensive and prevailing market insights.
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Retention Strategy

It is vital for organizations to prioritize employee engagement and retention to stay ahead of its competition and achieve business performance. We assist you by bridging the gaps and resolving the divergence within the organization to achieve greater productivity.
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Talent Pool Analysis

Identifying the precise talent with key competencies is key for organizational performance. We provide you with valuable and constructive data which enables you to understand the depth and diversity of talent pools.
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Attrition Forecasting

Every Organization require to build and sustain a strong workforce for its successful operation.We work with you in streamlining your workforce and provide you predictive modelling capabilities which can help you gain core understanding of your workforce.
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Executive Recruitment

We partner with your organization in identifying virtuous executives who are capable of creating sustainability and provide your organization with a competitive advantage. We combine our expertise and proprietary methodology to build a winning executive leadership for your organization.
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Recruitment Process Outsourcing

We provide your organization with scalable and competitive solutions which are sustainable and capable of handling complex requirements. We leverage our deep rooted experience to effectively contribute to your business objectives.
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Sachith Kumar Rai
Managing Director
Rakshitha B S
Lead - Executive hiring
Renuka Prakash
Lead - Technology hiring
Tina Lakshmi
Lead - Technology hiring
Kalaiselvi Ponnurangam
Lead - Knowledge Research Hiring
Guru Dutt
Lead - Research