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Innovative Zone presents the story of ‘Recruise India Consulting’ in its latest edition. Recruise is uniquely positioned to recommend companies in India in strengthening and growing their leadership pipelines.

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Changing Employment Scenario and Beyond​

The year 2020 has seen massive transformations in terms of job place shifts, employment crisis, and income flows.

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Survey to overcome Work from Home Challenges

It has been five months now, COVID-19 has ignited a massive exit from typical office life to settling into work from home routine. To curb the spread of coronavirus, businesses will possibly maintain working-from-home policy for the rest of the year or longer.

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What are your decisions on returning to the workplace post lockdown?

“This era of self-reliance will be our new pledge, we have to move on with a new resolve”, announces Prime Minister, Narendra Modi to our nation.

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Virtual Recruiting - 'The rapid change in the hiring world'​
Recruise Study

The unpredicted coronavirus outbreak caused shockwave among recruiters and hiring managers during the initial weeks as the fear of spreading the virus increased. Scheduling face-to-face interviews were becoming difficult, and social distancing started making an impact for some organizations resulting in freezing the recruiting and hiring process. Taken together, hiring best-fit talent has also impacted by the delay.

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Decoding the HR chat
Recruise Study

What does “Position on hold” really mean? Recruiters help organizations find top talent, but sometimes when they converse with candidates, they aren't always clear. There's nothing worse than getting up your expectations and seeing those illusions shattered when it turns out you've read the signals completely wrong. It’s a tough line to draw for the recruiters and employers.

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Unrealistic and Unreasonable - Why?
Recruise Study

"As of Yesterday, I needed top-notch Strategy Consulting profiles. Your staffing firm can handle that, right?" Okay, I realize this is a bit of an exaggeration – but if you are from the staffing world, you are no stranger to the unrealistic expectations of the increasing demand for quality candidates.

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When to Stop Negotiating #salary
Recruise Study

You’ve just been offered a wonderful job opportunity and you are happy, but you hoped for a higher salary. Then comes the awkward conversation on salary and the negotiation.

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Labour Market Report: Data science
Recruise Study

Recruise Consulting has arrived with its latest newsletter publication that will provide valuable insights on a regular basis for all key stakeholders in the recruiting space. This report seeks to bridge the asymmetric information that inherently exists between job seekers and recruiters.

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Why NRI's should return to India?
Recruise Study

The India story is shining bright and clear. In last one year, FDI equity inflows shot up by 39 per cent from $20.7 billion to $28.8 billion. The primary push factor comprises the extensive corporate restructuring which took place in the United States and other developed nations after the recent financial crisis.

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Why Should Recruiters Target Talent While Hiring
Recruise Study

When conducting a recruitment drive, a recruiter has to focus on a variety of domains, like skills, experience, education, talent, etc. Each one of these fields is equally important; however, talent is always the prerequisite.

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The Challenges Of Seeking Challenges At Work
Recruise Study

How would you describe your current job? Is it a snug, easy-going kind of job or is it a challenging one, which constantly invites competition that keeps you on your toes and on the go?

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How Do I Choose The Right Career For Me?
Recruise Study

Are you standing at a career crossroad, wondering which way to go? Your friends and relatives might be constantly bombarding you with the same questions you have heard a hundred times, namely, “What are you going to do now or what have you decided for your future?”

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Recruisians Speak

The learning is immense throughout the 9 years working at Recruise. As I started interacting with a lot of people and clients on daily basis, I developed strong communications skills. I learnt to build positive body language and speak positively often, to keep myself and my team motivated. Improved on my listening skills to build better relationship, being pro-active, reliable, willing to learn as and when required. Worked on multitasking, time management and problem solving skills as we juggle with all the priorities for the day. Progressed on my team management skills with a small team since 2014 to managing the entire Bangalore center.

- Kalaiselvi .P

We don’t need prior experience , given that my previous work experience was limited to service delivery and Operations Management roles, I worried that my future career options would be severely limited. Fortunately prior experience or a specific degree to work in recruitment is not a must, if you have the passion to learn. I developed essential selling skills: Recruitment is a sales job – you’re selling to both candidates and clients all day, every day, almost every profession requires you to be able to sell successfully, in recruitment l develop strong selling skills that will contribute to my future success, no matter what you end up doing. Becoming target-driven: As a recruiting expert set activity KPIs and sales targets to help keep you focused. If you work smart, taking the time to build and nurture relationships with candidates and clients, I started seeing the fruits of my labor. Problem solving skills: Dealing with people can be challenging and unpredictable. As a recruiting expert I faced with lots of unexpected situations and unforeseen problems which means you’ll have to think on your feet and come up with solutions. I have become resilient, recruitment is a rollercoaster ride with real highs and lows. Success doesn’t happen overnight so, I had to be patient and persistent. On top of that we are dealing with different people with different mindset, learnt not to take any responses personally.

- Prasanna

The best skills learnt at Recruise would be Analyzing: With passing years in the role I learnt and sharpened at Recruise was how to read through resumes and get into the minutest of the details mentioned and analysing the same for providing clients a detailed outline of the candidate. Negotiation Skills: According to a recruiter this is considered as one of the most important tools in recruitment rather “effective recruitment”. Here at Recruise I learnt through varied experience as how to negotiate with both my client and customer for the right fit for the right role at the right time. Exceeding Client expectations: This is one of the values that we follow at Recruise. Over a period of time this became a key asset to my skill set as well. Building Trust: To build an Effective relationship it requires Trust. At Recruise I was able to deliver to both clients and customers which helped build trust for both parties. Customer satisfaction: We at Recruise follow a robust management in terms of customer satisfaction. Here I learnt to leverage full support to our customer for end to end recruitment cycle. Closing the loop with reviews and surveys which helps leave a mark on the customer as “happy customer “.

- Shikha Sharma

Recruitment on the whole has taught me important things in life, how important a job is for an individual. Being a match maker we maybe let down quite a lot but we need to be resilient & efficient and understand that recruitment is a people business. Nevertheless it is also always highly rewarding & satisfying. We work in a competitive market & that help us to keep in pace with and also self-driven. On the whole I have learnt to be patient, understand, self-driven, communicate, and encourage team bonding and many more.

- Shwetha Sumanth

At Recruise, I learnt that we need to be quick, the turnaround time is very important, how quick we respond to the client (With profiles, schedules) and candidate (Feedback). Gaining satisfaction in the job, you find a company who wants you to find great talent for their vacancies and candidate who gets a job offer due to your advice. Recruitment industry is full of surprises like offers, offer declines, and Interview last minute drop, all these are part and parcel of our work, Candidate Engagement - Build a good rapport with the candidates, regular client engagement, understand client situations and their priorities and advise them on the market availability.

- Rakshitha

I Hold 5+ years of overall experience in end to end recruitment & Head hunting. With the recruitment experience spanning over a year, Recruise is the next big step.  There is an innate understanding of recruitment industry that I have developed over the last 3.5 years. The exposure to the Knowledge service sector in Recruise has helped me in creating a better niche for myself. Specialized in different industry verticals, and got strong experience working for the sectors like Data science/ analytics, consulting and Market research. Recruise has contributed shaping my past Recruitment experience with its unique system. Transparency in all the process is one of the distinctive feature of Recruise as compare to many other Recruitment firms. Over the years I hope to grow higher and to become the expert in all the sectors and domains.

- Sowjanya K

Being super honest,  after joining Recruise my sourcing skills have been immensely progressed with the kind of requirements I have been working and for the across clients. I have professionally progressed in stakeholder management dealing with client across industries and across requirements. I have learned and developed working in teams despite of working in a virtual set up, I have learned stress management, let that be drop outs in last minute, client’s escalation or offer rejection. I feel the sense of gratitude working for Recruise as the hard work is appreciated and recognized; that’s a feel good factor. Each one in Recruise is always there to guide and support so the platform to approach any team members is quite accessible. Responsible for effectively communicating and forging strong partnerships with the Internal and external team.

- Priyanka Nayak

Myself being a chemical major started my career with chemicals but realized true calling was elsewhere, Recruise helped me build up my passion for recruitment, gave me an opportunity to understand recruitment industry from the scratch, It’s just not work, organizational culture is very friendly and supportive, Helped me to be confident in cracking niche/ Challenging roles, Very cooperative seniors/ Managers- will be there to help anytime, Got innate understanding of sourcing strategies, All the above points, made client interaction pretty easy

- Shruthi

For me as per my experience in Recruitment, some of the skills I have learned and applied are Deep Understanding: Getting deep understanding of what we do, as in IT recruitment we need to have good understanding of all the skills and technologies to source better candidates. Patience: We need to be very patient while talking with candidates not all show their keenness in talking to us. Being Strategic: We need to strategize what detail we have to take from candidates and how to take them, sometimes it becomes a big challenge. Being Cool Minded:  We have to be very cool minded while sourcing the candidates without worrying about achieving targets, recruitment is far more than just achieving targets. Willing to Learn:  We should always be open to learn new things, I think it applies in life as well, it’s a never ending learning process. Negotiation:  We have to develop our convincing and negotiation skills so that we can get good candidates suited to our budget. Communication skills: We need to give special attention to how we communicate with clients and candidates. Socializing: It’s very important to grow our network and socialize with people they could be our prospective candidates or reference

- Naina

With 3.5years of experience working in Recruise India Consulting. Recruise has enriched in building my career in Recruitment. Had worked with different clients and sectors mostly into IT. Recruise had given an exposure in developing my interpersonal and communication skills, problem-solving ability, Listening skills and Time Management skills.

- Sowmya

Working in recruitment was very new to me, in short if I say about recruitment at Recruise, each day is learning and knowing about more skillsets available in market. Few points I like to mention are candidate engagement: Sourcing and talking to the candidate give every day learning experience, it’s a chance to meet and understand the candidates expectation and skills and knowing about they really what they wants in terms of Composition and also the skill which they want to work. Industry awareness: In this field I began to learn about so many companies like what they exactly do and how they recruit the candidate. Learnt to Interact well with Clients, Candidates, and our office colleague which is helpful in my development.

- Lavanya

This is my first job as recruiter, feeling great working here. Every day we get to talk to different people with different mindset and grades for job opportunity. We come across several scenarios from the time we contact the person-scheduling the interview – till offer and joined state It feels really nice when someone is been offered from our end. I have now understood the pain and hard work of each recruiter after I started my career in recruitment firm.


Being in recruitment my skills on KYC- Know your Customer, Position Logistics (New role / Replacement), Real Job & Key competencies (Detailed job description), Sourcing ( Portal Search, Headhunting, Networking, Mapping) to find right resume, Validation, CV Acceptance, Interview Process (Select/Hold/ Reject), Offer Stage ( Negotiation, Acceptance and joining or Decline)

- Susmitha

I am with Recruitment industry for 1 decade. I had taken up this role live any other job but later this recruitment became a passion. It was also inclined with my education (MBA on HR). I have learnt a lot from this profession and there is still lot to know it’s like an ocean whatever I have learnt till now it like a cup of water in the ocean. Reason why I like this profession. We regularly interact with the people, get to know many people, and get to know many technologies and the latest technologies. As we interact with the people we also deal with their emotions. Closing a position is a thrill, when the candidates are happy about the role that we have placed them and they thanks us it gives as job satisfaction and vice versa when the client is struggling to close a position and we help them in closing it, Every day is learning every call is a learning, meeting the client and visiting their offices getting to know their culture which might have happened if I would have been in any other profession.

- Renuka

Recruitment is all about understanding the requirement first and placing the right candidate. We need to probe well in all possible ways and understand the candidate’s interest level even before processing his/her candidature for any role. Have come across genuine, fake, dicey, arrogant and professional candidates throughout my career. Most of the candidates do have multiple offers and are never satisfied with one offer. They keep shopping around till the last minute. Building good rapport and staying in constant touch with the candidates might decrease the drop out ratio.

- Priya

The best skills I have learnt throughout the 4 years working at Recruise is gaining experience in fields such as understanding the candidates skills and knowledge, ways of negotiation with salary, identifying the jobs vacancy, analyzing the job requirements, reviewing applications, screening, shortlisting and selecting the right candidate. A good recruitment process will attract the right kind of employees, the kind that you want in your company with the knowledge, skills and abilities that you want and need.

- Kanaka

The skills I learnt is how to face the toughest challenge as we deal with one of the complex being- Humans, building a good network over the years with the client as well as the candidates, a sense of achievement and contentment of placing a candidate in the right job at the right time, overcoming new challenges every day with the niche and new requirements and skills in market. Gained good knowledge on new skills and the availability of the pool with the market intelligence work done. Enhanced team management and people management skills, Client interaction ,management and handle client escalations smoothly, gaining knowledge on the new ATS ,Recruitment tools and strategies in the market, Being aggressive, proactive ,competitive and being patient. In recruitment there are no good or bad experience –just learning experiences!!

- Tina
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